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More than 1 billion metric tonnes of crude oil transported

Founded / start of operations

1956 / 1958

Number of employees

Approx. 150 (including trainee workers)

Facilities in Wilhelmshaven

170 hectares


Harbour complex

1 jetty for tankers of up to 260,000 tdw with draught of 21 m (also larger vessels on request)
2 jetties for tankers of up to 130,000 tdw with approximate draught of 15 m
Length of landing bridge: 670 m
Length of pier: 1,207 m

Wilhelmshaven tank farm

26 floating roof tanks with a volume of 30,000 m³ each
55 m in diameter
13.5 m in height
9 floating roof tanks with a volume of 100.000 m³ each
98 m in diameter
13.5 m in height
Total capicity: 1.6 million m³

Ochtrup tank farm

1 floating roof tank with a volume of 50,000 m³ (managed by NWO)

Long-range pipeline

Nord-West Oelleitung: Wilhelmshaven - Wesseling
Supply of four refineries in Lingen,
Gelsenkirchen-Scholven, -Horst
and Wesseling near Cologne
391 km in length (including branch pipeline)
71 cm in diameter
approx. 16.3 million metric tonnes p.a. transport capacity
Norddeutsche Oelleitung: Wilhelmshaven - Hamburg
Supply of one refinery in Hamburg
142 km in length, 56 cm in diameter
approx. 8 million metric tonnes p.a. transport capacity
Managed by NWO

Connections to storage caverns

Wilhelmshaven tank farm: Rüstringen (Wilhelmshaven) und Friedeburg (Wittmund)
Ochtrup tank farm: Epe (Westfalen)
Total storage capacity: approx. 15 million m³


Crude oil transported since 1958: More than 1 billion t, over 20,000 tankers
Crude oil transport in 2021: 16.1 million t (2020: 18.2)
Number of tankers processed 2021: 190 (2020: 236)
Average load/tanker 2021: 84,296 t (2020: 77,280)
Transferred by NWO / NDO in 2021: approx. 12.4 million t / approx. 3,6 million t
(2020: 12.3 / 4.1)
Share of crude oil supplied in Germany 2021: approx.19 % (2020: approx. 22 %)

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