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Supplying our parent companies

NWO is a crude oil pipeline company that acts as a service provider and transports crude oil and other feedstock from Wilhelmshaven to refineries in Germany on behalf of the parent companies who are the NWO´s shareholders and clients. It is they who charter tankers filled with a particular grade of crude oil and give NWO the task of unloading and transporting it via long-range pipeline to their respective destination refineries.

Company shares in %:




Shell Deutschland GmbH



Ruhr Oel GmbH



Holborn Europa Raffinerie



BP Europa SE


A group of four parent companies are NWO´s shareholders. These are Shell Deutschland GmbH based in Hamburg, Ruhr Oel GmbH based in Gelsenkirchen, Holborn Europa Raffinerie GmbH based in Hamburg and BP Europa SE also based in Hamburg.

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