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In no uncertain terms!

More than fifty years of successfully and responsibly unloading, storing, and transporting crude oil are definite proof of NWO’s sustainability in the means it uses to protect people and the environment. The precious store of experience that has been gained over this long period is the reason why NWO is today able to demonstrate a superlative standard of safety that far exceeds the stringency required by law. All NWO employees strive to maintain this standard and to help advance the state-of-the-art of technology ever further.

Close contact and constructive correspondence with the authorities in a total of three Federal States (Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Hamburg), as well as with industry representatives and various other working groups, means that NWO can take part in a continual dialogue of shared experience, also including the safety aspects. At NWO the burden of safety is equally supported by four pillars: facility security, harbour safety, health protection in the workplace, and environmental safety. Each of these pillars is attended to with the same zeal and is continually being inspected and evaluated — whether it be preventive maintenance, organising co-operative fire drills between our internal fire service and other firefighting units, making provision for the environmental issues as part of the legal approval process, or simply continuing to keep our work free from accidents.

Encouraged by a bonus scheme very popular amongst staff remunerating them for all kinds of suggestions, our employees can take up the challenge of helping to develop the safety aspect further, and indeed to make improvements in other areas.

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